Videos: <em>Saturday Night Live</em> Returns With Tina Fey, Jesse Pinkman, And A Lot Of New Faces

The cold open was dire as ever, except for Jesse Pinkman's cameo.

Tina Fey was charming as ever during her monologue, and did a nice job hazing the new guys.

Vanessa Bayer does a perfect Shoshanna during the Girls parody.

Two best parts of this sketch: Moynihan's farter, and Thompson's oversized luggage.

What better way to acknowledge how all the new cast members look alike than with a game show!

On Weekend Update, Cecily Strong made her debut; Tina Fey passed her the baton; stand-up comic Bruce Chandling stops by; and Drunk Uncle makes a triumphant return.

Kate McKinnon steals this EMeth commercial.

Stinker of the evening.

The former porn star informercial sketches are so good still—let's just hope SNL doesn't overuse them.

“I once punched a mirror because I looked in it and saw someone who was crazy!”