Videos: <em>Saturday Night Live</em> Pours On The Digital Shorts

George Zimmer is sick and tired of having the first 2/3 of his name dragged in the mud.

They got the Hunger Games references out of the way during the monologue.

The Girlfriends Talk Show has its first male guest.

“He has the mind of a genius, and the body of a baby.”

Hold me closer, subway dancer.

The Worst Lady On An Airplane visited Weekend Update.

The unfortunate return of the yell-happy Best Buy team.

Kyle Mooney brings out another digital short (about dancing).

The world's worst animal hospital.

Mike O'Brien's crazy eyebrows dominate the third digital short of the night.

In the surreal final sketch of the night, Vanessa Bayer is...a...turkey.

And Haim performed "The Wire" and "Don't Save Me."