Videos: <em>Saturday Night Live</em> Injects Much-Needed Dose Of The Surreal


Alec Baldwin throws curveballs at Norton during the monologue.

Pumpkin spice douche.

"I'm starting to see vans in a whole new way now!"

"If she was a website, where are all her WWW's?"

A new vision of horror...from Wes Anderson.

Possums do excellent impressions.

On Weekend Update, we had a visit from the always welcome Anthony Crispino.

The random Rain Man sketch.

Despite an abiding love for Jay Pharoah, this 12 Days sketch was the worst of the night.

Finally, Mike O'Brien gets something fun to do.

Norton is fantastic in one of the best sketches of the night.

Janelle Monáe performed "Dance Apocalyptic" and "Electric Lady."

Taran Killam wasn't in this week's episode much, but he did get this web exclusive.