Videos: Derek Zoolander Resurfaces On Saturday Night Live

Chris Christie explains why he's not running this year and asks people to respect Mitt Romney... because Christie is getting ready for 2016:

The Hank Williams Jr. brouhaha gets a once-over:

DJ Supersoak and Lil' Blaster are BACK with the latest Underground Festival event that will give Queen Isabella POLYPS:

For too long, Halloween has been a "religiony" holiday—so Derek Zoolander is throwing a party in SoWeHoBeLoHoWo "South of West Houston Below Lower Hoboken Wo."

Occupy Wall Street gets a Weekend Update shoutout re: the Brooklyn Bridge arrests "Because there's nothing people on Wall Street hate more than not being able to get to Brooklyn"

Foster the People performed "Pumped Up Kicks" and "Houdini"—which featured Kenny G!

From the producers of "Moneyball" comes "Tinyballs":

Kristen Wiig reprised her sexy yet gross character Shanna.

The Best of Bruce Springsteen Box Set:

The future has never looked worse in these ads for Lincoln Financial:object width="512" height="288">

A V-neck t-shirt-off erupts in this Digital Short: