Videos: Charlize Theron Trolls NYC In Excellent <em>Saturday Night Live</em>

Despite some enthusiastic performances, just another rough cold open.

Charlize Theron can't sing, but she's perfect in every other way.

Best part of Mother's Day game: "Dad Round"

Probably the weakest Girlfriends Talk Show yet.

Mike O'Brien is all over the best sketch of the night: Dragon Babies.

Heshy and Gail join together for a dating seminar (with lots of sound FX).

Weekend Update included visits from Barbara Walters and Drunk Uncle—as well as a Breaking Nudes bulletin.

If you find exploding whale hilarious, this is the sketch for you!

Kitties+weird sexual tension=pretty good sketch.

One of the highlights of the night was this sketch in which cast members troll NYers as tourists.

The Black Keys performed "Fever" and "Bullet In The Brain."

Another sketch cut from the show, a rare John Milhiser starring-sketch.

Why this hilarious drunken sketch didn't make it to air makes zero sense.

And recurring sketch Mornin' Miami returns with Reese Witherfork.