Videos: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jack Bauer & Chris Martin Star On <em>Saturday Night Live</em>

Donald Sterling explains how he plans to make amends in the cold open.

Andrew Garfield gets advice about hosting from Emma Stone and Aidy Bryant.

Stanx: the latest in undergarment technology.

Justin Timberlake, Adele, Shakira and Bruno Mars face off in Celebrity Family Feud.

An Oliver Twist variation doesn't really go anywhere.

The highlight of the show was The Beygency

It was a star-studded Weekend Update, with the return of two favorites, Jebidiah Atkinson and Olya Povlatsky. Writer Leslie Jones also made her on-air debut to talk about People Magazine.

Chris Martin begins his post-Gwyneth life by making out with Garfield.

An wedding reception gets progressively more awkward.

Coldplay did their Coldplay thing, performing new songs "Magic" and "A Sky Full Of Stars."

This very weird Beck Bennett/Kyle Mooney digital short didn't make it on air, but it's not bad.

On the other hand, it makes perfect sense why this dress rehearsal sketch didn't make it onto air.