Videos: Alec Baldwin Sets Hosting Record On SNL Premiere

During the monologue, Steve Martin wanted to make sure Alec Baldwin was breaking the hosting record the legal way—drug expert Seth Rogen had two lines. Baldwin also said there was a new ice cream flavor being released for the flavor's critics: "Go Fudge Yourself."

At the GOP debate, Governor Goodhair needed a nap, asap.

Some never-before-seen screen tests for Top Gun.

Baldwin pulled out a pitch-perfect Tony Bennett impression on "Weekend Update"—maybe that's really why he skipped the Emmy's on Sunday.

Radiohead perform "Lotus Flower" and "Staircase" below.

"Red Flag," the perfume which aids you in avoiding those women who have really long pinky nails.

Find out who is truly on top of the Entourage crew in "Who's On Top."

The "All My Children" Wrap parody had one joke which it hammered into the ground...but it was actually a pretty great joke.