Video: Ten Songs To Help You Get Through Hurricane Irene

Irene from space, on Friday


At first, you try to greet the coming storm with the appropriate vibe—that of a boozy, mid-40s party! So Earl Bostic's "Hurricane Blues" is the first song on the playlist, an upbeat way to start a long night.

Oh sure, Etta James is upset in "Stormy Weather" because her man is gone. But "don't know why / There's no sun up in the sky"? Maybe that's because the clouds have covered it up...and a hurricane is officially on its way.

Things are still relatively calm...but getting mighty eerie. And as the wind starts blowing, you think you can hear Jimi Hendrix's classic "The Wind Cried Mary" in the distance. Either that, or a Queen is weeping.

It has just started raining heavily outside again, which means that the background rain in The Doors' "Riders On The Storm" has blended into the scene. And the keyboards are the sound of garbage cans being tossed around on your block.

It's starting to get ridiculous outside. What better time to put on (the rocking, live version of) Bob Dylan's classic "Shelter From The Storm?" Extra points if you have something to drape over your head like Dylan.

Uh oh: you just realized you're in the middle of a hurricane. Cue Neil Young's unmistakable feedback and guitar storm, "Like A Hurricane," immediately.

"A storm is threatening my very life today." You can feel the wind gusts and storm surge barreling down on your apartment. This is going to last awhile—so you listen to the unreleased extended version of the Rolling Stones's immortal "Gimme Shelter."

What time is it? Oh, it's time for The Pixies's manic "Stormy Weather," a far more distorted cry than the other "Stormy Weather" from earlier in the mix.

You've lost track of time. You don't know how long the hurricane has been going on, and you're starting to feel downright depressed. But don't worry: "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" by R.E.M. is here to cheer you up! After all, isn't it about time you had some time alone?

And just like that, it's over—you've survived a hurricane! Let "It's Not The End Of The World" by the Super Furry Animals usher you back into civilization—you've still got problems, but things are really going to be OK.