Video: John Goodman Makes <em>SNL</em> Worth Watching

The brief "Thriller" dancing is the best part.

"All I Want For Christmas Is Booty"

Guy Fieri invites some of his celebrity friends over for a Christmas beast feast.

"On the way here, I hit a man with my car. I didn't stop because I thought this was more important."

De Niro and Stallone drop by for this sketch.

Weekend Update included visits from Black Santa and Drunk Uncle's Drunker Uncle.

Goodman and Beck Bennett get to show off some sweet dance moves.

Shallon just wants to sacrifice herself to Santa.

"Yes Santa There Is A Santana"

"Christmas Whistle" was one of the weakest sketches of the night.

All the clothing in H&M is apparently on the floor.

The glorious return of "Last Call."

And Kings Of Leon were the musical guest, performing "Temple" and "Wait For Me."