Urban Archives On Display In The Bronx

<p>Beauty Supplies by Lisa Kahane.</p>

<p>The Fantastic 5 MC's (the Grand Concourse and the Cross Bronx Expressway), 1981. By Charlie Ahearn.</p>

<p>Best Friends, 1982. By Jamel Shabazz.</p>

<p>3DJs: Park Jam at the Patterson Houses, the Bronx, 1982. By Henry Chalfant.</p>

<p>The Cold Crush Brothers performing at South Bronx High School for the 1980 high school prom. By Joe Conzo.</p>

<p>Stop the War, 2003. By TATS Cru.</p>

<p>Untitled (traje de baño), 2004. By Dr. Lakra.</p>