Twilight Fans Lined Up Outside Of MoMA Talk K-Stew And R-Patz

<p>These women have been sleeping on West 53rd Street since Saturday, encountering cockroaches, and "an extremely drunk hobo." But don't worry, they have mace, a tazer, and a knife.</p>

<p>Margaret Burton (L), 24, film student from NJ, says, "[Rob's] charming, talented, a musician. He's a chameleon. He's a risk taker like Johnny Depp. If I get to see him, sleeping over will be worth it." On his split with K-Stew: "That's their issue. It's private. Who am I but a fan? I just admire their work."</p><p>Lisa Maldomado (R), 21, student arrived yesterday by herself, made friends with Margaret, and says people keep asking them what they're protesting.</p>

<p>Shannon Haile, 22, student from Chicago, has not read the book, but is familiar with Cronenberg's films.</p><p>On R-Patz and K-Stew, she says, "It's their personal life. I support their careers, individually or together. He's caring. He's passionate towards his work. He's a goofy motherfucker."</p>

<p>Stacey Anderson, 22, student from Hershey, PA.</p><p>Anderson took the train in by herself, and says the women on line are "catty" compared to the Harry Potter lines she's waited in. </p><p> </p>

<p>Cory Ogden, 60, of New Jersey</p><p>Says Pattinson is "innocent, he's refreshing, endearing. I would've traveled across the country for him. We were prepared to go to LA."</p><p>Her husband Richard added, "My wife's the megafan. He seems like a good soul. And he's British."</p><p>Cory has read the book twice, and says, "It's bizarre and disturbing. Cronenberg's movies make me uncomfortable but I love him. His movies make me think, they take you on a journey. The alliance between Cronenberg and Pattinson is like Scorsese and DiCaprio. I want to get in the limo with Rob and take a journey."</p>

<p>Michelle Barber, 42, had not read the book, but tells us, "I'm sad about it. I wish to give them privacy but I hope they work it out. I'm definitely on R-Patz's side. I'm upset by her choices but understand that she's young."</p>