Twelve Stocking Stuffers From NYC's Best Adult Toy Stores

<strong><a href=""><strong>Naughty Roll Play Dice</strong></a></strong>,  $18Too shy to tell your partner to "Lick [your] Nipples"? Slip these dice into their stocking and let them do the talking for you.

<strong><a href="">Position Playing Cards</a></strong>, $7<p>Same goes for these playing cards that will have you experimenting with a new position every day. Or once a week. Or maybe we should just go to bed early tonight after watching some more of <em>The Crown</em>? It's up to you! But the cards and/or dice will be there when you need them.</p>

<a href=""><strong>The Weekender by Kama Sutra</strong></a>, $29.95Eve's Garden was founded by women's rights activist Dell Williams in the 1970s, and it was one of, if not the first women-centric sex shop. So we highly recommend making it a stop on your sex toy tour. Have you ever wondered <a href="">what kind of sex toys Sting buys</a>? He's probably picked up something like this along the way. The travel-sized portions in this Kama Sutra kit include Oil of Love, Honey Dust, a feather, and more.

<a href=""><strong>Pandora's Aphrodisiac Pops</strong></a>, $6These delicious hard-candy treats will make you want to do it with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Like, even more than you usually do. And they come in different flavors, though one is confusingly "hot yoga."

<a href=""><strong>The Panty Rose</strong></a>, $4.49Need a real bargain gift that kind of suggests <em>romance</em>? Look no further than the panty rose. This is pretty self explanatory.

<strong><a href="">Iroha Mini Vibe</a></strong>, $30Do you need a vibrator for your purse? We're not here to judge. Babeland has a one-speed model that's easy to travel with. Oh the adventures you'll have. The shop's rep tells us this a great gift for a roommate or BFF.

<strong><a href="">The Pleasure Kit</a></strong>, $25This is a beginner’s vibrator kit, featuring one Mini Leopard Vibe, a 2 oz. bottle of Babelube, a pair of AA batteries, and an educational pamphlet from Planned Parenthood, where 100% of the proceeds will go if you buy this one.

<strong><a href="">Arousal Balm</a></strong>, $6This retro tin holds a balm professing to be your "own personal love potion, adding a bit of stimulating juju to intimate encounters."

<a href=""><strong>Babeland Massage Candle</strong></a>, $6 to $16Do you trust your partner enough to bring hot wax in contact with your precious skin? Congratulations. Now buy this partially liquid candle and they can either "pour the warm massage oil directly on to the skin or use the included brush to apply." Bonus: all those oils will also nourish the skin and can be used as a daily moisturizer.

<strong>Orgasm In A Box, <a href="">for him</a> and <a href="">for her</a></strong>, $25A rep for the store tells us, "Our Orgasm in a Box Kits are really popular and make giving a sex toy gift easy and friendly." It's got your lube, your vibrator, and the batteries are even included.

<a href=""><strong>NYC Gift Set</strong></a>, $170There just aren't that many people you probably feel comfortable purchasing a sex toy for outside of your partner. And there are a lot of sex toys you can share—<a href="">at Pleasure Chest</a> (one of the rare stores in the West Village to have survived since the 1970s). If you want to splurge, go for their NYC Gift Set, which features "high quality silicone toys" for you both. Unclear what, if anything, it has to do with NYC... but the gift box does feature the skyline.

<a href=""><strong>Bondage Set</strong></a>, $60These ropes come straight from... New Jersey. Where all the masochists live. Created by Rope Mistress Erin Houdini (a rope mistress by any other name...), the bondage sets come with two 15' short ropes and two 30' long ropes, "which are the lengths recommended for 99% of rope bondage out there." The more you know.