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The Subway Sun: Hippo! Hippo! Hip-Hooray!!

Intersection of East 138th Street and 3rd Avenue, The Bronx, 1913 Photograph by Granville W. Pullis

IRT Jerome Yard prior to construction of the IND Concourse Yard, The Bronx, 1929 Photograph by Granville W. Pullis

Excavation for IND Concourse Line, Grand Concourse and 165th Street, The Bronx, 1928

Routes and General Plan adopted by resolutions February 4th and April 1st, 1897

General Motors TDH 5106 bus, 1959

Direction signs for Sedgwick Avenue Station, 1917

The Subway Sun: Cool off at Orchard Beach

View from the Whitlock Avenue station, The Bronx, New York, 1920

149th Street and 3rd Avenue, The Bronx, New York, 1910

Amendment No. 6 broadside, 1951: "In 1951, voters approved Amendment No. 6 earmarking $500,000,000 for transit projects including the Second Avenue Subway, extensions of existing subway lines, station improvements, equipment upgrades, power plant modernization and new rolling stock"

Tremont Station, New York Central Harlem Line, The Bronx, 1906

Union Railway car #316, n. d., Photograph by Arthur F. Ferguson