Tommy Hilfiger's 'Tommy Pier' Carnival At South Street Seaport Is Open Today

Ferris Wheel!<br>

Tommy Hilfiger with Gigi Hadid (seated), who has her own Tommy "collaboration" line, and other models<br>

Guess who was at the show?<br>

There will be lobster rolls<br>

Gigi Hadid, in a sweatshirt with a big Tommy Hilfiger logo, with Hilfiger himself<br>

Coats! In this humidity!<br>

You know how hot it was last night? Well, these models are wearing sweaters.<br>

Anna Wintour<br>


Sweatshirt and pea coat-style poncho!<br>

At least this model got to wear a bathing suit under this fuzzy coat<br>

Martha Hunt, Taylor Swift, Hilfiger, Dee Hilfiger, Lewis Hamilton<br>