Times Square's Glitz & Grime Photographed

<p>Lisa Kereszi, Neon sign, Times Square Theater, NYC, 2001</p>

<p>Mitch Epstein, Untitled NY (clean and neat), 1997</p>

<p>Rudy Burckhardt, Times Square Dusk, c. 1947</p>

<p>Louis Stettner, The Great White Way, c. 1954t </p>

<p>David Hilliard, White Noise, 2009</p>

<p>Olivo Barbieri, site specific_NEW YORK 07 (Horizontal Times Square), 2007</p>

<p>Andrew Moore, Target, Times Square, New York, 2002</p>

<p>Sandwich girls advertising a NYC play during the city newspaper strike, December 1962</p>

<p>Taxi drivers picketing during strike. April 1949.</p>

<p>Lights in Times Square being dimmed to conserve energy during WW II, April 1942.</p>

Men walking in Times Square, December 1954.

<p>Various pornographic stores and theaters lighting up Times Square with tacky neon lit marquees. July 1986.</p>

<p>West 45th street, in theatrical district, scene of last appearance of Judge Joseph F. Crater, who has been missing since 1930. November 1959.</p>