"This Is It": Jon Stewart Ends Daily Show Run With Past Correspondents, The Boss, And Tears

Bantering with John Oliver<br/>

The correspondents start adding up<br/>

Trevor Noah started measuring the desk<br/>

Olivia Munn gets a desk appearance<br/>

Rob Riggle</br>

The Corrdrys<br/>

Wyatt Cenac showed up<br/>

Stephen Colbert insists on thanking Stewart</br>

Group hug

Jessica Williams<br/>

Samantha Bee<br/>

Wyatt Cenac<br/>

Olivia Munn<br/>

Robb Corrdry<br/>

John Oliver<br/>

Larry Wilmore<br/>

This guy owns Viacom<br/>

Lewis Black<br>

Trevor Noah<br/>

The Boss<br/>

Stewart and his children<br/>

Stewart leaves<br/>

Colbert waves<br>