"The Zooey Deschanel Of Cats," And Some Other Cats You Should Adopt

<p>Bella is the bell of all the balls at just three and half years old. The Zooey Deschanel of cats, Bella is quirky, funny, and super sweet. She is overjoyed to soon to be sharing her talents of doling out affection, playing and rolling around on the floor! She once suffered from allergies and had to take a pill every day but that is no longer needed. She totally conquered to live her dreams! A special, simple diet controls her allergies to make her an ultimate happy kitty.</p>

<p>Marilyn Monroe eat your now-still heart out because this Marilyn takes center stage! Just 2.5 years-old, this little brown and white beauty is not a diva at all; she is super friendly and oh so gentle! She has only partial movement in her tail due to a pelvic fracture but that doesn't stop her in showing off her talents of adoring and being adored. Marilyn wants to be the sole star of the household and performs for kisses!</p>

<p>This beautiful female is super psyched to be making her Off-Broadway debut at the tender age of three. Saved from the euthanasia list this spring, Pickles is best known for her magnetic PUUURsonality! She loves to perch atop high places and observe as she sings her sweet tunes. In a cast of characters she gets along wonderfully with other cats, but prefers to be the STAR!</p>