The 5 Best Things About 2013

#5 BEST NEW MILLIONAIRE: GRUMPY CATThis feline is purring all the way to the bank.

Scott Beale

#4 BEST INTERRUPTION: GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWNWaiting for to load? Head to the zoo! Oh wait...


#3 BEST SUPERHERO: SF BATKIDAnd now for something more uplifting... Miles Scott saves Gotham City!

Bhautik Josh, 2013, Flickr

#2 BEST NEW FOOD FETISH: CRONUTThank you Dominique for this delicious donut-croissant baby.

Letizia Lorenzetti, Flickr

<br/><b><span style="font-size:16px">#1 BEST NEW SITE YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: TIPTOP</span></b><br/>This review site is powered by locals sharing their favorite places in the city. <br/>Unlike Yelp, there are no whiny reviews, just New Yorkers sharing the best of their boroughs. If there's one last link to click in 2013 make it this one: <a href="" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/TipTopNYC_SP']);" rel="nofollow"></a><br/>