Three Kings Day parade fills East Harlem with the spirit of Latin America

The 46th installment of El Museo del Barrio's annual Three Kings Day Parade took place in East Harlem on Friday, Jan. 6, 2023.

In some tellings of the biblical story, the three kings traveled on camelback to meet Jesus.

A group of musicians plays within a large crowd of paradegoers.

A paradegoer waves two Puerto Rican flags. The black-and-white variant symbolizes resistance.

Roberto G. Lebron, dressed as one of the three kings, high-fives a crowd of children.

Three dancers dressed in white, symbolizing angels, lead a procession of paradegoers.

A trumpeter blows his horn as the parade marches along.

A large puppet representing one of the three kings greets a crowd of children.

All three kings march in the parade.

Students scream in excitement as the parade marches past.

Christine Licata, a steering committee member at El Museo del Barrio.

Melanie Santos, one of the parade's madrinas, or godmothers, poses alongside her daughter, Ava Luna.

Traditionally, the three kings came bearing gifts when they visited the baby Jesus.

Alberto Minotta (left), and Yma Oria.

A man holds carved figurines of the three kings.

Sonia Persia, of Harlem, wishes revelers peace and God's blessings as they march along the parade route.

Dressed in their trademark blue jumpsuits, the Fogo Azul drumline marches in the parade.