Behold Summit, NYC's Newest Observatory With Vertigo-Inducing Glass Balcony

An overview of the first floor of the Summit experience

Let's start at tour at the beginning; after ascending from a lobby connected to Grand Central Station, you enter this hallway, which has a cool pulsating light show

Then you enter the main space on the first floor, which is two stories high and has mirrors everywhere

Lots of selfie possibilities!

Influencers everywhere!

The walls and floors all reflect amazing views of the city

Looking through the glass downtown

There are views in all four directions; this is looking east down 42nd Street

As you leave the main roof, you enter a lobby with views to the north, which will eventually have a Yayoi Kusama installation.

Up one floor are the balconies overlooking the main room.

A view East along the balconies on the second floor.

More views of the city!

Looking West on the second floor balconies

There are two cutaway tubes connecting the first two floors

Looking through one of the tubes

In the lobby on the second floor is a glass balcony where you can stand over the city

It's actually quite scary looking down at Madison!

Another view of the balcony

The bathrooms boast amazing views to the north!

A view east towards Citibank Tower

Looking down on Bryant Park with Hudson Yards in the background

Looking north towards Billionaires' Row along 57th

There's a new Danny Meyer restaurant on the third floor, surrounded by a balcony with open air views

Looking at the balconies on the third floor

On the third floor there's an elevator that takes you even higher

The elevator has another glass bottom!

Looking east from the elevator

You exit through a gift shop, and then go down an elevator through another gift shop to the exit.