Subway Map Creators Are Gathering To Hash Out A Century Of Design Disagreements

The Andrew Hagstrom design that was the Transit Authority's official map from 1943 to 1956. It emphasized geographical accuracy and colored lines by their former operating companies, IRT, BMT, and IND. <br/>

George Salomon's 1958 map for the MTA was the first diagrammatic map of the subway system. <br/>

A 1967 map by Jerome Adler in the MTA's Designs Division was the first to officially color-code various lines beyond the three-color scheme. <br/>

Massimo Vignelli's modernist map only lasted from 1972 to 1979, but people are still talking about it today. <br/>

We're still living with a derivation of this 1979 Subway Map Committee creation. <br/>

Eddie Jabbour's KickMap enables users to add and remove layers of visual information. <br/>

The subway's privately funded kiosks are "a two-edged sword" because of the competing needs of advertising and commuters, according to subway map historian Peter Lloyd. <br/>