A Brief History Of How New Yorkers Have Paid For The Subway

Subway tokens, tickets and MetroCards of the past.

New York City Transit token booth clerk Cajun Wallace waits on a line of subway riders at the Woodside Station in the Queens. The first work day of the $1.50 subway and bus fare.

A New York subway rider inserts a token into a turnstile at the Rockefeller Center station, June 1980.

Henry Peters, turnstile maintenance man, dismantles an-IRT turnstile at the Times Square subway station, when New York City's new 10-cent subway fare was inaugurated. William Reid, chairman of the board of transportation points as commissioner Sidney H. Bingham of the board of transportation looks on.

New brass tokens, top row, are contrasted with older versions below at the Transit Authority headquarters in New York upon the arrival of the new tokens which had a stainless steel "bull's-eye" center.

Five-borough token TimeSaver Pak, c. 1995.

A mechanical token vending machine, 1966.

MetroCard production, 1998.