Photos: Happy 115th Anniversary To The Subway, You Barely Look A Day Over 100

An experimental air conditioned train makes its first run in 1956.

A passenger boards a subway car painted with graffiti in 1984

Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia at the ribbon cutting ceremony near the subway stop at the entrance for the World's Fair in 1939.

A Volunteers of America sidewalk Santa Claus on the train in 1990

Two undercover transit officers (center and right) in 1985

The platform at the Worth Street subway station in lower Manhattan in 1966.

Models wearing outfits from the Calvin Klein spring 1974 collection on the train.

A 7 train in Queens in 1966.

A turnstile jumper in 1980, after the 60-cent fare took effect.

Three straphangers on special train to New York's Aqueduct in Queens in 1960.

Commuters reading the newspaper on April 1st, 1963, after the city's 114-day blackout ended.

Peter Stangl, former chairman of the MTA, rides on a restored 1917 subway train during ceremonies to mark the 90th anniversary of the subway in 1994

A woman walks through the Times Square station in 1970.

Grand Central was overly crowded in 1956 as well.

A New York City subway yard

William T. Ronan, former chairman of the MTA, presents Santa Claus with a return ticket as part of a new special "Gasless Sundays" fare plan in 1973. Under the plan, travelers paid half fares for round-trips on subways and bus lines. A rider offering 35 cents at a subway station gets a token and a return coupon, good only for the same day.

A woman rides the subway in 1982

Same as it ever was: a woman squeezes onto the train in 1970

A subway car in Times Square in 1970

Graffiti on a subway car in the 1980s

Interior view of "the subway car of the future" as it was displayed at the Chambers Street Station in 1947

Long Island Railroad commuters on line to catch the train at the Woodside station in 1973

The rush hour commute in 1966

A subway conductor in 1970