Some Of The Greatest Images From The Greatest Grid Exhibit

<p>Rocks, 81st Street and 9th Avenue, December 1886.</p>

<p>Shanty Town, 1896.</p>

<p>View of 2nd Avenue looking up from 42nd Street, 1861.</p>

<p>Junction of the Bowery and Broadway, Union Square, 1885. Oil on canvas, Albertis Del Orient Browere.</p>

<p>A South East View of the City of New York in North America, ca. 1763, Thomas Howdell.</p>

<p>A median at Broadway at 72nd Street, 1897</p>

<p>Randel Farm Map no. 55, vol. 1, p. 16, showing 101st to 109th Street, from Third Avenue to the East River, July 21, 1820.</p>