Six Ways To Celebrate Global Relaxation Day... On A Rainy Monday

<p>Happy Monday... or if your glass is half full: Happy Relaxation Day! Today, August 15th, is Global Relaxation Day—and the cruel universe has placed that date on a Monday this year, in the midst of a multiple-day rain storm. So how can you de-stress on this soggy start to the work week? We're here to help with a few suggestions...</p>

Watch cat videos, specifically Maru videos. This cat knows how to relax anywhere, so you can even get some tips from him.

<p>Go to your happy place! In <em>Friends With Benefits</em> Mila Kunis's character has a happy place in Manhattan she goes to... since Hollywood is just like real life, we're assuming we all have one of these? This photo was taken at Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City, a less crowded alternative to the High Line!</p>

<p>Take a long lunch! And just because it's raining a little bit, doesn't mean you can't dine outdoors—just find a well covered outdoor dining spot. Or enjoy a not-as-long line at Shake Shack and retreat to your own favorite covered dining spot. Don't these people look so happy and relaxed?!</p>

<p>Some people might say "go see a movie"—but seeing a movie in New York City is stressful! The crowd, the noise, the bedbugs, tickets being sold out... <em>who needs it</em>. Not you, especially not on Global Relaxation Day. Instead, read a book (here are some suggestions on what to read <a href="">from Housing Works Bookstore</a>). <em>Or</em> you can check out <a href="">Netflix Instant</a> for some stay at home movie action.</p>

<p>Massages! An unscientific poll showed that 4 out of 5 Gothamist staffers prefer a good scalp massage, so we'll focus on that. You can buy your own head massager for <a href="">just $3.99</a>, or you can splurge and go to a spa. Scalp massages range in price, and be sure to check ahead to make sure they have them available. At Metamorphosis on East 56th Street you can get a 25-minute Swedish massage, mini facial, foot massage, and "Head Trip" Scalp massage <a href="">for $150</a>. And there's always Spa Castle, where you can pretty much get an all-day pass to relaxation town.</p>

<p>Turn off your cell phone, power down your laptop, and reacquaint yourself with silence in a nice bubble bath. We give you permission to watch a movie while you're in there... however, we cannot recommend you watch <em>Who's Afraid of Virigina Woolf</em>. From experience, we can tell you that's way too stressful.</p>