Six NY-Area Floating Living Spaces YOU Can Live In

<p>A 2010 houseboat for <a href="">$35,000</a>, and if you are willing to dock in New Jersey, the slip fee there is paid all year (and includes water, electric, and cable tv).</p>

<p>This 62' circa-2001 Catamaran houseboat is in Brooklyn, <a href="">and costs $63,500</a>. That's for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath living space which is "like having a waterfront condo with a large living area and full size kitchen, washer/dryer combo stack, baseboard heating, all the comforts of home." It also comes furnished!</p>

<p>This is Captain Gismo, and he's got everything an aspiring Brooklyn artisanalite could ask for: Vintage! Reclaimed wood! DIY project! The houseboat is 38' long, and is being sold <a href="">for just $6,000</a> + renovation costs.</p>

<p>Now if you like what you saw <a href="">over in SF</a>, this is the closest thing to it. <a href="">This 1985 Sundance House Barge</a> is an 1100-square-foot, split-level home featuring a roof deck, spiral staircase, and lots of other awesome things you don't have in your boring land apartment.</p>

<p>Here's another house barge, this time in Rockaway. The 3 level home has 3 bedroomss, a kitchen, a bar/lounge area, and views out every window. No damage from Sandy is mentioned, though it "could use some work." The asking price: <a href="">$150,000</a>.</p>

<p>In Tottenville, you'll find a 2-story house barge for a reduced price <a href="">of $75,000</a>. That features one bed, one bath, washer/dryer, and a generator.</p>