Seven Photos Of The Holiday Shopping Rush, 1948-Style

<p>"Macy's department store employee cleaning up piles of debris after the Christmas shopping rush."</p>

<p>"Macy's department store employee Mike Reynolds clearing the package chute with his body."</p>

<p>"Macy's department store employee changing the bulletin board's list price as a result of comparison shopping."</p>

<p>"Macy's department store employees working in the Shopping Service department assembling this order for a customer in Iceland."</p>

<p>"Macy's department store employee Janet Steurer selling imitation pearls to customers crowded around her counter."</p>

<p>"Macy's department store employee Janet Steurer plowing through a pile of costume pearl necklaces that she will sell today."</p>

<p>"Toy buyer for Macy's department store Dan Tate (R) deciding about a milk carton train set."</p>