See The Amazing Model Railroad Club That's Being Forced Out Of Brooklyn

This is one of the largest train sets in New York City.<br/>

The building where the train club used to reside—just a normal residential apartment building in Bay Ridge.

To get to the old train club, you go around back, to this alley.<br/>

Then you walk down this unmarked trash ramp! <br/>

Then you go through the basement, until you found this door. Totally normal!

A panorama of the entire set.

There are a number of these layout maps, and control panels, each controlling a part of the massive track set.<br/>

In addition to the tracks, there are tons of buildings and cars, all built to scale.<br/>

One end of the very large room.

One of the members of the train club- years ago there were dozens of people in the club, but over time, membership has dwindled to just a few.<br/>

A building by the tracks. <br/>

Another building. <br/>

Another set of control panels.<br/>

Looking across the room- you can see a number of bridges and switches.<br/>

More buildings.

An elaborate 3 way crossing.<Br/>

Let's look under the set! This is one of the power units.<br/>

And here are some wires- there are literally miles of these wires under the set.<br/>

Another bridge.<br/>

A turntable with a train on top.<br/>

Throughout the set, there are cut-outs where you can stand and watch the trains go around you. Controllers would sit at each position and pilot the trains around the track using the controls, seen at bottom right.

Another building.

There are tons of side-tracks with cars parked.

We are accident prone around here!