Rock & Roll Rummage Sale

<p>Dilemma! Life-size T-800 prop of Arnold Schwarzenegger used in "Terminator 2" or Bob Dylan's original working lyrics for "Hard Rain"?</p>

<p>John Lennon's historically significant handwritten and signed "Beatles Reunion" letter circa early 1970s</p>

<p>Madonna's personal home video AND erotic phone messages, 1992-1993, recorded on 2 orginal microcassettes from Jim Albright's answering machine</p>

<p>Bill Porter's collection of the original blueprints for Graceland Sound System and Home of "Dr. Nick" </p>

<p>Jimi Hendrix's first contract for $1.00, signed by Hendrix</p>

<p>Eminem's Michael Jackson outfit worn in the "Lose It" video</p>

<p>Bill Porter's collection of Elvis Presley's Indian Head Ring with diamonds</p>