Rain Proves No Match For Five Boro Bike Tour

<p>In Queens, after getting off a 59th Street Bridge ramp</p>

<p>At the starting point in Battery Park City</p>

<p>Do you see how the rat is also wearing a helmet <i>and</i> raincoat?</p>

<p>On the Queensboro Bridge</p>

<p>Another cyclist with his best friend</p>

<p>On 6th Avenue</p>

<p>On the FDR Drive</p>

<p>"Prickly" rider</p>

<p>Have best friend, will bike.</p>

<p>Also from the 59th Street Bridge </p>

<p>Fancy headgear</p>

<p>A glimpse of the Roosevelt Island tram from the Queensboro Bridge</p>