Rachel Maddow Calls a Tie in Our Scotch Cocktail Contest

<p>Rachel takes control of the bar</p>

<p>Richard of Dutch Kills and Rachel Maddow</p>

<p>John Del Signore and Jay Wilkins</p>

<p>Justin Kirk and Jen Carlson</p>

<p>Rachel Maddow and Payman Bahmani</p>

<p>Rachel Maddow and Jennifer Nelson of Buttermilk Channel</p>

<p>Jake Dobkin and Jen Chung, checking on the Primary run-off returns?</p>

<p>Rachel and Yael Vengroff</p>

<p>Jen Chung, Jay Wilkins and Rachel Maddow</p>

<p>Payman Bahmani, Jennifer Nelson, Rachel Maddow, Yael Vengroff and Richard Boccato</p>

<p>The Gonzo Room at Aspen</p>

<p>Justin Kirk and John Del Signore awkwardly show up in matching blazers.</p>