Photos & Videos Spanning One Of NYC's Toughest Decades: The 1970s

Crowds gather outside St. Patrick's Cathedral, 1970s.

Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin road manager Richard Cole in a hotel. July 30, 1973.

Kids in 1970.


During the blackout. July 13, 1977.

A 24-year-old Christopher Reeve, and the Manhattan skyline. January 1978.

Peter Gabriel relaxes after a run in Central Park. January 1977.

Marchers in the annual Gay rights parade from New York's 4th street to 59th. June 1975.

Children sweep a city park during Earth Day, 1970s.

Exterior view of the Fillmore East theater on 2nd Avenue and East 5th Street.

Exterior view of Circus Circus, an adult amusement center in Times Square. January 1975.

Construction of a 33-floor tower. 1972.

Shoppers at a fruit and vegetable stall in Harlem, 1974.

A jazz band playing on the back of a truck as it drives through the streets of Harlem, 1970s.

Mayor Lindsay, opening the first off-track betting shop at Grand Central Station, April 1971.

January 1971.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono's sign in Times Square, 1971.

"Drugs And Sex Make Human Wrecks, Man's Hair Long And Life Short. Pray, God Make Me Free In Jesus Name." July 1971.

Christopher Walken with several posters advertising the New York Shakespeare Festival at Lincoln Center. January 1976.

Frank Sinatra at Madison Square Gardens, October 1974.

Cinema signs advertising adult and martial arts films on 42nd Street, 1977.

Members of the Rolling Stones at Trax nightclub, September 1977.

Sid Vicious And Mum, October 1978.

A crowd of anti-nuclear protestors with banners gather for a rally to promote solar energy in Battery Park. September 1979.

Empire State Building, 1970s.

Street vendors, August 1979.

Chinatown, August 1979.

Stickball, 1970.

The World Trade Center under construction.

A parade in Times Square to commemorate the end of the Vietnam War and honor those who took part in it. April 1973.

The wreckage of a car which collided with one of the steel pillars supporting the El on Broadway. 1971.

Exterior of subway cars painted with graffiti, 1970s.