Photos, Videos: Revisit These Classic Cocktails From America's First Mixologist, Jerry Thomas

One of the classic drinks, the Cobbler, is served at Milk & Honey with an updated twist <br/>

The 1926 printing of Jerry Thomas' book is Milk & Honey head bartender Theo Lieberman's personal copy <br/>

Theo Lieberman begins to make the Crusta by pouring some simple curaçao into the shaker<br/>

Peeling nearly the entire rind of a lemon <br/>

Shaking the drink<br/>

The pour<br/>

The Crusta: A perfect light summery drink, made with Brugal white rum<br/>

"The Bon-Vivant's Companion"<br/>

Lieberman makes the Cobbler with whatever fruit is in season—in this case, it's blackberries and raspberries—as well as orange and lime<br/>

A bit of Campari<br/>

Pouring the drink, completed with muddled fruit<br/>

Packing ice <br/>

Adding some mint for garnish <br/>

Lieberman says that whenever the Cobbler is served at Milk & Honey, the guest's friends are instantly jealous that they didn't order it<br/>