Photos, Video: The Absolute Worst Most Heinous Garbage Dogs Of Westminster Dog Show 2019

This dog is responsible for the smelly L train. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog tells people in the comments to "GO BACK TO OHIO" even though it's 2019, I think you can come up with something a little more original pal. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog loves nothing more than sneaking into the kitchen when no one is looking and snarling at fridge photos of his owner's nieces and nephews. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog controls 90% of all ticketbots, ensuring that you’ll never see Bikini Kill . (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog won't stop ironically tweeting at Trump on Twitter, it's just a fun bit he likes to do, you get it. (JUSTIN LANE/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

You can't just go around accusing people of gaslighting you!! (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog's day job is brainstorming new food pun hashtags for up-and-coming Instagram influencers with followers in the 10K-50K range. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog is thinking about all the other paths his life could have taken had he not answered that ad on Craigslist.(Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog wants to start a podcast ABOUT podcasts, what a weirdo. (JUSTIN LANE/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

This dog is Howard Schultz's campaign manager, and she thinks he has a real shot at "shaking things up." (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog convinced Weezer to cover "Toto." (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog is going through some tough shit at home right now, let's all go easy on him. (Ben Yakas/Gothamist)

THIS. DOG. RUNS. THE. MTA. (Frank Franklin II/AP/Shutterstock)

This dog was Billy McFarland's cocaine dealer. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog is singlehandedly responsible for "First Reformed" not getting a Best Picture nomination. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog doesn't believe in evolution. It also doesn't believe in creationism. It believes that there is a giant spider in the sky who can produce webs made of cotton candy and screams. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog thought “Russian Doll” was only okay. (Frank Franklin II/AP/Shutterstock)

This isn't a dog, this is a comb that wished to be a real boy. Liar!! (Ben Yakas/Gothamist)

This dog wants to pitch you on a really exciting proposal for a music booking app, wait, no seriously, just hold on one second, okay but, can you at least give notes on the pitch deck? (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)


This dog specializes in throwing lasagna-based gender-reveal parties. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog once sent an acquaintance an email with 18 paragraphs in it. (Frank Franklin II/AP/Shutterstock)

I can't tell you how much I hate you. (Ben Yakas/Gothamist)

This dog is really just so full of himself (because he eats his own skin). (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This is the dog who convinced Kanye West that every day is Opposite Day now...except for Opposite Day, which is now known as Sincerity Day. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog has been quietly encouraging Bill de Blasio to run for president. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog has gone to almost a hundred weddings and has never given a gift. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog is named after Bono— not the lead singer of U2, it's just a sick personal joke about Sonny Bono that's hard to explain. (Frank Franklin II/AP/Shutterstock)

How dare you? Where do you get off? What gives you the right? (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog has a 23% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog has written multiple "Why I'm Leaving New York" essays under different pen names. He even appeared on the cover of New York Magazine once vowing to leave the city forever. He's still here. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog kills frogs, dude. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog is a mop. A broken mop. A broken mop with a complicated inner life and a mortgage. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog still isn't sure how to pronounce Saoirse Ronan's name and it's getting ridiculous—she's the real thing, she's here to stay, spend five minutes looking up videos on the Internet and figure it out, it's insulting to my friend Saoirse. (Jake Seiner/AP/Shutterstock)

This dog has rescued dozens of people from burning buildings...buildings which she set on fire...just so she could watch them burn...(Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog doesn't have a serious bone in his body, in the sense that he has no bones—he is a wig, not a dog. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog can't stop getting Red Hot Chili Pepper tattoos—stop it Jerry, we all know it just hasn't been the same since Frusciante left the band. (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)

This dog decided that Maroon 5 should play the Super Bowl halftime show. (Ben Yakas / Gothamist)

This freakshow is FuckJerry's new COO, stop stealing content you freakshow. (Frank Franklin II/AP/Shutterstock)

This dog thinks recent seasons of "The Simpsons" are superior to the early years, which were "too slow." (Jenn Hsu/Gothamist)