Photos, Video: Spider-Man, Hello Kitty And More Balloons Inflated For 2013 Thanksgiving Day Parade

Snoopy and Woodstock (Getty Images)

Spidey (Getty Images)

Laying out Spider-Man (<a href="">thewriteway</a>)

Dope view! (<a href="">arthurdemarchelier</a>)

Adventure Time (<a href="">ericksonny</a>)

Spider-Man (<a href="">caroline_tot</a>)

Hello Kitty (<a href="">felice_alcid</a>)

Pikachu (<a href="">johnhuddyfox5</a>)

Capturing the moment (Getty Images)

Mayor Bloomberg (NYC Mayor's Office)

Snoopy and Woodstock! (<a href="">melblaha</a>)

(<a href="">nycmayorsoffice</a>)

Sonic! (<a href="">rainmaker_tea</a>)

Aflac Duck ( <a href="">mathildepanaget</a>)

Elf on the Shelf (Getty Images)

Spongebob (Getty Images)

Buzz (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)