Photos: The Getty Digitally Releases Thousands Of Old Images

How New Yorkers rolled in 1967. (Taken at Central Park Zoo)

South Street, New York, 1932

Broadway, looking north from Broome Street, New York, 1855

Second Avenue Lunch, New York, 1933

Girl on Fulton Street, 1929

License Photo Studio, New York, 1934

Self-Portrait with Newsboy, New York, 1908

Sammy's Bar, New York, taken between 1940 and 1944

Taken around 1929

Central Park, March 26, 1967

World's Fair, New York City, 1964

New York City, 1937

White House Garage, New York, about 1934

Third Avenue, 1962

Third Avenue, 1962

Chick's Candy Store on Pitt Street, 1938

Roof on Pitt Street, 1950


Whelan's, New York City, 1944