Photos: Sharknado, Falcor, Daenerys And Other Dog Costumes At The Great PUPkin

Daenerys was one of many Game of Thrones costumes

The winning costumes—Sharknado!

Barking Bad, third place winners

The blue stuff

Orange is the new pup?


Shari Lewis and Lambchop

Doctor Boo!

The Doctor up close

Banksy dog

Luau dog

Pinata dog

Napoleon dog


Mrs. Softee

Kermit dog

Construction dog

Pastel dog

Tutu dog

Winterfell residents, I think

Yellow submarine

Ghostbuster dog

Bumble bee and flowers

Edward Scissorhands!

Taxo dog!

Walrus dog

Big crowd at Fort Greene Park

Flower dog

Octopod dog

Charlotte's Web with Wilbur

Where's Waldo

This dog shot the sheriff

Pup Francis

Cockroach dog and baby Raid

The Tortoise and an actual Hare


Sandy and the Greasers

Acorn dog!


Dog in sheep's clothing

Sharknado, the second place winners

World War II correspondence dog

Hello, nurse!

Pup in the air!

Government shutdown dogs

Loch Ness Monster

Zombie dog!

African Princess Dog

Ladybugs have a meeting