Photos: Rikers Inmates' Artwork Now On View In Chelsea

"I Am New Again Today," by Willis Alexander: "Never too old to be adventuresome. Go back into yourself and reinvent yourself. I can choose from today to start over and be a new person. I can choose to start from scratch every day. I can give myself a new slate."<br/>

"Free Me," by Devri Carambot: "Phone calls give me hope that I'll go home soon, talking to my friends and family. Keeps me pushing and allows me to go to bed with a smile on my face and makes me forget that I'm on Rikers Island."<br/>

"Untitled," by Bishop McIndoe: "'I'm finally here,' I thought, as the Rikers Island bus came to a stop. There was an adolescent behind me, stating that he was about to do fifteen to life. I tried not to think about my current situation by looking through the window. I saw a white officer having a conversation with a young black girl, and for a quick second I had hope for my case…maybe the judge will have compassion and spare my freedom."<br/>

"Tree of Hope," by T. Bracknell, D. Simpson, E. Harding, B. Reynolds, V. Johnson, T. Warren, and L. Gentle<br/>

"Hope," by A. Toure: "For me hope starts from prayers."<br/>

"Untitled," by Andrew Bravo: "This is my line of hope. With this artwork I wanted to draw a line of hope between me and my viewers…At first I felt like giving up. I received guidance that gave me courage and insight. I put in hard work and took on some challenges to create this artwork. I have a good feeling about the results, and hope the viewers see the same line of hope that I see."<br/>

"Untitled," by Delroy Lindsay<br/>

"Untitled," by Delroy Lindsay<br/>

"Stop Old Trends Begin New!" by F. Johnson: "This makes me have serious concern with myself because it tells me I need to spend more time with my family, wife, and brother and stop making jail an ongoing situation. I need to care more about my freedom and cherish my time with my family and make them proud of me for how I am on earth!"<br/>

"Untitled," by Khaliaha Kates: "To me, a butterfly represents hope, faith, and change ... Butterflies have to struggle to get out of their cocoons, but that very struggle actually helps the butterfly prepare for flight in the world. Similarly, we as people struggle when we face trials, challenges, and difficulties, but it prepares us for the next stage in our lives. If a butterfly can get through it then so can I, and that's why a butterfly gives me hope."<br/>

"Untitled," by Sheena Bryant: "A box of hopes."<br/>

Departure Quilt / Intensive Treatment Unit: "This piece was an continues to be created by participants in a Dialectical Behavior Therapy program in the women's facility, the Rose M Singer Center. When they receive news of either their discharge to the community, a program, or to another correctional facility, each woman creates a quilt piece expressing her hopes for her peers and to new participants."<br/>

"My Window Pane," by Crystal Colon<br/>

Colon's artist statement<br/>

"Unititled," by Damaris Esquillin: "Everything I do, I'm doing with my heart, with love, hope, happiness, and affection. So, when you look at my mask, I hope you feel the same, with a look of affection, love, and hope in your heart."<br/>

"Untitled," by Ramon Santiago<br/>

Santiago's artist statement<br/>