Photos: REI SoHo Opens Its Doors in the Puck Building

<p>The central staircase at the store, leading to all three floors.</p>

<p>Before the floor was opened up for the stairs back in May.</p>

<p>Watches, sunglasses, packs, sleeping bags, etc.</p>

<p>The same area prior to renovation.</p>

<p>Stone printing tablets from the early 1900s, discovered during construction.</p>

<p>A flywheel from the building's original power plant.</p>

<p>A flywheel prior to restoration.</p>

<p>The stairway from the sub-cellar. </p>

<p>Cashier area, using recovered wood from the renovation.</p>

<p>Certificate of Election for The City of New York.</p>

<p>Topographic maps of trails in the New York area.</p>

<p>The ski and snowboard section on the ground floor.</p>

<p>The ground floor service center for quick fixes and diagnostics. The full service area is in the sub-cellar.</p>