Photos Of How The "Other Half" Lived In the 1880s

<p>A back-lot house on Bleecker Street between Mercer and Greene Streets sits perilously close to an excavation site in 1890.</p>

<p>A dilapidated wooden shanty sits in an empty lot surrounded by tenement buildings in New York City in 1896.</p>

<p>A man and a young girl peer into the courtyard of a tenement complex in "Bottle Alley" in New York City in 1901. This photograph was used as evidence in a murder case. An X is marked on the side of a staircase (at left) to indicate the location where shots were fired.</p>

<p>Italian immigrant families live in shacks on Jersey Street in New York City.</p>

<p>A man sorts through trash in a makeshift home under the 47th Street dump in 1890.</p>