Fact: These NYC Dogs Are Lovin' All This Snow

Possible a mixed reaction to the snow in Crown Heights

People walking dogs in Bed-Stuy

Smol dog on sidewalk

Goose enjoying the snow

A dog in Bedford-Stuyvesant enjoying the snow

At the Riverside Park dog run

Pooka loves the snow, even though the snow may be 3 times their height

Abby Kowalczyk

Chili likes the snow

Joey in Stuyvesant Square

Winnie in Central Park

Kelev, who is in Mill Basin, means dog in Hebrew, so Kelev counts, right?

Musashi in Central Park. We're told that while snow is awesome, Musashi is not a huge fan of the snowsuit

Jackson in Marcus Garvey Park

Bucky the dog in Bronx East Park

Keilani the Schnoodle in Canarsie

Pablo in the Nethermead in Brooklyn

Georgie the puppy labradoodle on Greene Avenue

Sammy in Greenpoint

Guillermo Fauci Muñoz Joseph in Carroll Gardens

Guillermo with his brohter Rudie Wilmer Muñoz Joseph in Carroll Gardens

Chloe in Riverside Park

Courtesy of Liz

Olivia in Riverside Park

Courtesy of Liz

Sadie the German Shepherd puppy is in Sagueries, but she's so adorable we included her

Stanley on Irving Place

Hannah in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Courrtesy of Emily

Lily in East Williamsburg

Keller in Bed-Stuy

Elsa dog

Jaws on the Upper East Side made it two blocks, which is a lot, when you come to think of it

Frida in Madison Square Park

This is Zero in Tompkins Square Park

Courtesy of Minh

Otto on Flatbush

Penny Lane in Chelsea

Pepper the 1-year-old lab mix in Bed-Study

Charlie in Saratoga Park)

“Captain” Taite the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel in Domino Park

Courtesy of John

Baxter in Washington Square Park

Archer in Inwood Hill Park

Clara in Central Park

Shay in Riverside Park

Squeegee in Crown Heights

Luci in Carl Schurz Park

Rufus in Central Park

Olivia in Peter Cooper Village