Photos: New Sports Illustrated Book Celebrates 50 Years Of Iconic Swimsuit Issues

Left: Julie Henderson in Israel, 2008 (Raphael Mazzucco/Sports Illustrated); right: Kathy Ireland in Saint Vincent, 1990 (Robert Huntzinger/Sports Illustrated)

Tyra Banks in the Bahamas (Russell James/Sports Illustrated)

Elle MacPherson in the Dominican Republic (John G. Zimmerman/Sports Illustrated)

Left: Joe Montana, 1999 (Walter Iooss Jr./Sports Illustrated); right: Rafael Nadal, 2012 (Walter Iooss Jr./Sports Ilustrated)

Genevieve Morton with lion in Zambia, 2012 (Derek Kettela/Sports Illustrated); Heidi Klum with monkey in Malaysia, 2000 (Robert Erdmann/Sports Illustrated); Michelle Vawerwith koala in Australia, 2012 (Darcie Baum/Sports Illustrated); Esti Ginzburg with a snake in India, 2010 (Riccardo Tinelli/Sports Illustrated)

Anne V bodypainted, as 1986 cover, 2013 (Walter Iooss, Jr./SI); 1982 cover: Carol Alt (John G. Zimmerman/SI); 1983 cover: Cheryl Tiegs (Walter Iooss, Jr./SI); 1984 cover: Paulina Porizkova (Paolo Curto/SI; 1985 cover: Paulina Porizkova (Brian Lanker/SI); 1986 cover: Elle Macpherson (Brian Lanker/SI); 1987 cover: Elle Macpherson (John G. Zimmerman/SI); 1988 cover: Elle Macpherson (Marc Hispard/SI); 1989 cover: Kathy Ireland (Paolo Curto/SI); 1990 cover: Judit Masco (Robert Huntzinger/SI)