Photos: New Show At Museum Of The City Of NY Will Celebrate Muslim Community

Boy Praying During Ramadan on the Street outside the Mosque Because the Mosque is Full, Parkchester Jame Masjid, Bronx, NY, 2012. (Robert Gerhardt/MCNY)

NYPD Traffic Officer at Prayers, Park 51, Manhattan, NY, 2012. (Robert Gerhardt/MCNY)

Pakistani American Children Playing Cricket in the Park, Brooklyn, NY, 2011. (Robert Gerhardt/MCNY)

Young Basketball Player in the Park before Friday Prayers, Brooklyn, NY, 2011. (Robert Gerhardt/MCNY)

Young Girl at Prayers with Her Father, Muslim American Society, Brooklyn, NY, 2010. (Robert Gerhardt/MCNY)

Debbie Almontaser with photograph of son Yousif, 2001. (Mel Rosenthal/MCNY)

Palestinian woman with American flag, ca. 2001. (Mel Rosenthal/MCNY)

B & B Electronics Store Owner with children, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, 1999. (Mel Rosenthal/MCNY)

Halal Food Stand, ca. 2001. (Mel Rosenthal/MCNY)

Girls in hijabs at Al Noor School, ca. 2001. (Mel Rosenthal/MCNY)

Groom's mother guarding the wedding cakes at a Palestinian wedding at Widdi's Catering Hall, 1999. (Mel Rosenthal/MCNY)

Iraqi Muslim Girl in English as a Second Language Class, 1999. (Mel Rosenthal/MCNY)

The Graduate, 1999. (Mel Rosenthal/MCNY)

Filmmakers, 1999. (Mel Rosenthal/MCNY)

Afghan Muslims, Eid al-Adha Celebration, Flushing, Queens, NY, 1998. (Ed Grazda/MCNY)

Gawsiah Jame Masjid, Astoria, Queens, NY, 1997. (Ed Grazda/MCNY)

Medina Masjid, East 11th Street, Manhattan, NY, 1995. (Ed Grazda/MCNY)

Prayer before Muslim Day Parade, Manhattan, NY, ca. 1995. (Ed Grazda/MCNY)

Islamic religious service, ca. 1940. (Alexander Alland/MCNY)

Muslims, ca. 1940. (Alexander Alland/MCNY)

Turkish American children at table with workbooks, ca. 1940. (Alexander Alland/MCNY)