At The New 5th Avenue Lego Store, The Subway System Takes Tokens

In the Fifth Avenue Lego Store, the subways take tokens.

In Lego NYC, all the subway stops are named after NYC nicknames, which would probably be confusing if you actually lived there.

The Lego tokenbooth features a Y token, last used in the real subway system in 1980.

Hop in for a tour of the new Lego flagship store on 5th Avenue and 51st Street! There are many new life-size Lego sculptures in the store, including this old timey cab.

The store features Lego dioramas of many NYC buildings, including 1 WTC.

A Lego Brooklyn Bridge diorama

Iron Man flies over a Lego Rockefeller Center diorama

The skating rink at Lego Rockefeller Center

Another view of Lego Rockefeller Center

The store features a number of Statue of Liberty sculptures

The Tree of Discovery is the centerpiece of the new Lego 5th Avenue- it features many inset scenes and hidden features.

You can sit next to the Hulk in this giant sculpture- be sure to lean left for the correct effect.

Lego firefighters throw a cat from one floor to another while Lego police attempt to capture a Lego thief, at the top of the central staircase in the store, which has two floors.

A new interactive experience allows you to customize Minifigures; you can pick an outfit, and decorate it with text or emojis.

The printer allows you to print on both sides of the Minifig.

The printer can take 8 figures at a time.

A Lego store worker flipping the Lego Minifigs in the printer.

Lego Minifig torso after printing- you can pick out a custom head, pants or dress, and accessories at nearby stations.

The Lego Bricklab, where you can build a sculpture and then have it scanned into a really wild Lego world. The experience lasts about 20 minutes.

A Lego big apple.

A Lego NYC Waterway ferry: no word on how much subsidy it receives from the Lego city government.

The bikelane on the Lego Brooklyn Bridge is much less crowded than in the real world.

Wyldstyle, a character from the Lego Movies catches an early 80s style burner

One of the multiple Statues of Liberty at the store

The reverse side of the large Tree of Discovery at the store

An even larger Statue of Liberty sculpture- this one talks and the face changes expressions.

A cat hidden in the Tree of Discovery

A hidden inset scene in the Tree of Discovery

A squirrel on the Tree of Discovery

Broadway posters in the main stairwell of the store

A large Ghostbusters sculpture on the second floor of the Lego store

Regrettably, the pandemic has led to service cutbacks on the Lego MTA