Photos: ICP's New Bowery Museum Opens With A Show On Digital Identity

Gallery 2 at the new ICP Museum's Bowery location.</br>

Polaroids taken by Andy Warhol.</br>

Photography, mixed media, and video pieces on display at the ICP Museum's new Bowery location</br>

Detail of Lyle Ashton Harris's <em>Appunti per l'Afro-Barocco</em> collage.</br>

Photo projections in ICP Museum's Gallery 3.</br>

"Public, Private, Secret" on display in Gallery 2 at ICP Museum's new Bowery location.</br>

Curator-in-residence Charlotte Cotton addresses the press at a preview showing of "Public, Private, Secret."</br>

Collage, video, photo, and print works on display as part of "Public, Private, Secret."</br>

Video projections make up Martin Syms's <em>Lessons I-LXVIII</em> in gallery 1 of ICP Museum's new Bowery location.</br>

Books for sale at the new ICP Museum.</br>

Vik Muniz's silver dye <em>Frederick Douglass</em> is hung next to Rashid Johnson's <Portrait with My Hair Parted Like Frederick Douglass</em>.</br>

Images from <em>Printed Web 4</em> hang in the entrance gallery space of ICP's new "Public, Private, Secret" exhibition.</br>

Numerous photo and contemporary art books are on sale at the new ICP Museum.</br>

Selections from Sophie Calle's 1979 series “Les Dormeurs (The Sleepers)."</br>

A man rehearses choreography along to a video projection as seen through a publicly-accessible webcam in Kurt Caviezel's "Pas de Deux."</br>

"Untitled" from Larry Clark's Tulsa series.</br>

A a digitally-animated woman based off of traditional beauty standards is the subject of Kate Cooper's "Rigged 1" short film.</br>

A still from Shelly Silver's "What I'm Looking For," a film made up of portraits of men the artist met through online dating sites.</br>

Untitled audition polaroid photographs for 70s magazines.</br>

Portraits from Patrick McMullan's <em>New York Fashion Week Face Book</em>.</br>

Photos of Sojourner Truth and other abolitionists, selected from <em>I Sell the Shadow to Support the Substance</em>. Below, magazine covers from Virginia Prince's <em>Transvestia</em> publication.</br>

<em>The Bowery in two inadequate descriptive systems</em> (left) combines photos and short text from Martha Rosler.</br>

Video artist Natalie Bookchin's Testament combines individuals' online video testimonials.</br>

ICP Museum's new first-floor space, where portions of "Public, Private, Secret" are on display.<br>