Photos: Exploring Zone A Neighborhoods After Hurricane Sandy

<p>"Owen Baxter has lived in Belle Harbor for most of his life, when #hurricanesandy came through he refused to evacuate. As the water rose higher and higher he was forced onto the roof. To further complicate matters, a transformer blew down the block and fire quickly spread through all of the buildings trapping him on the furthest roof. At the last moment a rescue boat appeared in the street below and he was able to jump from the roof. Owen Baxter is a lucky man as he escaped w/ his life and because of the fire he will be able to collect insurance on his destroyed building. I asked him if he planned to stay and rebuild - he laughed and said not a chance. The Rockaways and parts of Brooklyn, Staten Island, New Jersey and Long Island are still without power and struggling to rebuild. Visit <a href=""></a> or <a href=""></a> for more info on ways to help and supplies needed."</p>

<p>"Irving has lived in Belle Harbor since the early 80's—this was the first and only time he'd seen the ocean meet the bay."</p>

<p>Horine and his wife Robin have made several trips to Rockaway so far to volunteer their help—this was after an entire day of cleaning out the basement of an elderly hoarder named Irving.</p>

<p>Donations in Rockaway.</p>

<p>This was the boardwalk.</p>

<p>Parts of the Boardwalk in a pool.</p>

<p>"Absolutely heartbreaking to see Rockaway look like this."</p>

<p>"After Sandy the Rockaway Beach was substantially lower than I'd ever seen it before."</p>

<p>Van Brunt Street, Red Hook.</p>

<p>An empty Lower Manhattan.</p>

<p>"Gas lines on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn stretch out for blocks."</p>

<p>"Hope Always" in Rockaway.</p>

<p>On Staten Island.</p>