Photos: Celebrating The World's Fairs 50 & 75 Years Later

A self-described historical cosplayer, wearing the uniform of a 1940 Fair "Watchmen".

This woman's name is Yvette and she danced at the Yugoslavian Pavilion in 1964 when she was 19. She was thrilled to be there.

Artifacts from the 1964 Fair.

My walking tour guide said there's a possibility the NY State Pavilion will finally get refurbished, and be open to the public. (<a href="">More here</a>.)

These young women danced at the party.

The world's corniest magicians performed around the Unisphere.

Hawks nest in the Unsiphere, and you could see them through this Parks Department scope.

This 1964 Aston Martin was apparently actually used by Sean Connery in a James Bond movie.

Artifacts from the 1964 Fair.

The top of one of the "lollipop lighting stations" from the NY State Pavilion.

The keeper of NY State Pavilion relics.

A commemorative tin from the 1940 Fair.

Ming Liang Lu created free "cut-out portraits". The wait was long.

The result.

Free haikus on demand!

This woman from the Queens Zoo freaked people out with her fake alligator.

The box turtle was a big hit, but not as popular as the giant snake.

The 1940 Watchmen felt uncomfortable posing before the 1964 Unisphere.

"A most lamentable monster" - New York Times, 1964