Photos: Cat Circus Purrform Gravity-Defying Feline Feats In Bushwick

Oz performs his pinwheel trick.<br/>

Sookie goes shopping. <br/>

One of two custom vehicles the circus travels in.<br/>

The talent waiting in the wings.<br/>

Tuna, the star of the show, groomed herself rather than compete with Cluck Norris in the bell-ringing competition.<br/>

A groundhog, a rat, and a chicken make cameo appearances throughout the show.<br/>

One of a pair of 12-week-old kittens up for adoption performed his first trick. He had two potential owners put in applications, and the other kitten was spoken for.<br/>

Nue, Tuna's daughter, raises a paw in assent.<br/>

Fiji and Annie greet each other prior to their cart routine.<br/>

Nue succeeds at her precarious balancing act.<br/>

Nola on the tightrope.<br/>

Alley sails through air and hoops with precision and grace.<br/>

Jax catches a treat mid-air.<br/>

Dakota takes a turn at drums in the Rock Cats.<br/>

At the end of each show, the audience is invited to pet only Pudge, the friendliest of the troupe.<br/>

Tuna kicking off the evening.<br/>

Buggles, also adept at skateboarding, balances and jumps.<br/>

At one point, several cats weave, climb, and perch in the same small area.<br/>

Pudge being introduced to the crowd as "The Sweetheart".<br/>

Jax spends most of her stage time atop a skull, wearing a ruff to match.<br/>

Asti of the Rock Cats obliged her fans with photos after the performance.<br/>