Photos: At Least We're Not In Boston?

Boston has fully Day After Tomorrow'd...

All Bostonites can do is surrender to the snow.

“You have to admit, seeing them scurrying around in the morning for their big day in the city—it’s pretty cute. When they look down at their watches and start hurrying down the street like they’re headed to some of sort of huge, important meeting, it’s hard not to smile. I mean, they look like they really think they are doing something significant.” - <a href=",31554/">The Onion</a>

Layering lesson: When you think you are done layering, you aren't. Grab a fleece blanket and wrap that around your layers, it is the tortilla layer in your human burrito. Walked hunched over from dramatization/photographers.

Boston bros are the Bro-iest, and we can only learn from their idiocy. Wear clothes in the winter.

Winter bike lane...

... but where's your bike?

No news is good news.

The MBTA has been having a rough time with this snow, but earlier today <a href="">tweeted an update</a>: "1,278,000 cubic feet of snow and ice cleared; 78 track miles recovered." Remember when <a href="">we shut down the subways</a> for a few inches?