Photos: 14 Hot Dogs Doing Everything They Can To Cool Off

<p>Koda overheated</p>


<p>Ruby draped in a wet paper towel, "looking like a wounded soldier"</p>

<p>Scout, "camped out in front of our A/C."</p>

<p>Peachy is "overweight and trying to cool off in front of the portable AC"</p>

<p>Rudy and Denny cooling off</p>

<p>This tired dog was spotted falling out of a bag on the G </p>

<p>Molly chilling in the A/C</p>

<p>Finn, Border Collie Mix in Brooklyn Heights (Hillside Park). "He dug a hole under the picnic benches and happily crawled in to cool off!"</p>

<p>Frank "was dragging his tongue on the ground he was so hot so we threw him in the pool"</p>

<p>Ramona getting out of the water at the Prospect Park dog beach</p>

<p>Taco the Chihuahua goes for a dip in Prospect Park</p>

<p>Ellie (left) eats a watermelon; and Max (right), getting his own shaved ice</p>

<p>Mr. Fancypants in Prospect Park</p>